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SubjectRe: [PATCH] add_partition silently ignored errors
On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 09:56:08 -0700,
Dirk Hohndel <> wrote:

> > > IIRC, Al recently vetoed a similar patch. As far as I'm concerned, with
> > > the correct return values, the patch then looks fine to me.
> >
> > We need some kind of check concerning the kobject to avoid mysterious
> > errors (especially checking for the failed kobject_add() is needed).
> > Whether we want just to inform the user of the failure instead of
> > failing the function is another question.
> What are you suggesting? I'd love to make the behaviour consistent everywhere
> (and am willing to go through things in order to make that happen), but what is
> the consistent behaviour that we'd want?

I'd be fine with just propagating the error after cleanup (that is what
for example the driver core usually does), but I don't know the
surrounding code well enough for a definitive answer.
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