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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: high load average when idle
>>>>> "AvdV" == Arjan van de Ven <> writes:

AvdV> Anders Boström wrote:
>> Hi!
>> My computer suffers from high load average when the system is idle,
>> introduced by commit 44d306e1508fef6fa7a6eb15a1aba86ef68389a6 .
>> Long story:
>> 2.6.20 and all later versions I've tested, including 2.6.21 and
>> 2.6.22, make the load average high. Even when the computer is totally
>> idle (I've tested in single user mode), the load average end up
>> at ~0.30. The computer is still responsive, and the only fault seems
>> to be the too high load average. All versions up to and including
>> is fine, and don't suffer from the problem.

AvdV> can you tell me if you're tuning ext3 in any way to have a much
AvdV> shorter timeout than the standard 5 seconds?

No, I'm using the standard 5 seconds timeout.

/ Anders
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