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SubjectWhat's slated for inclusion in 2.6.24-rc1 from the NFS client git tree...
Aside from the usual updates from Chuck for NFS-over-IPv6 (still
incomplete) and a number of bugfixes for the text-based mount code, the
main news in the NFS tree is the merging of support for the NFS/RDMA
client code from Tom Talpey and the NetApp New England (NANE) team.

We also have the 64-bit inode support from RedHat/Peter Staubach.

There is also the addition of a nfs_vm_page_mkwrite() method in order to
clean up the mmap() write code.
Finally, I've been working on a number of updates for the attribute
revalidation, having pulled apart most of the dentry and attribute
revalidation into separate variables. A number of fixes that address
existing bugs fell out of that review, which should hopefully result in
more efficient dcache behaviour...

The NFS client git tree can be found at


or on gitweb at;a=summary

Finally, a full set of patches may be found on



Adrian Bunk (1):
[2.6 patch] net/sunrpc/rpcb_clnt.c: make struct rpcb_program static

Christoph Hellwig (1):
[NFS] [PATCH] nfs: tiny makefile cleanup

Chuck Lever (41):
SUNRPC: Fix a signed v. unsigned comparison in rpcbind's XDR routines
SUNRPC: Fix a signed v. unsigned comparison in net/sunrpc/xprtsock.c
SUNRPC: Use standard macros for printing IP addresses
SUNRPC: Free address buffers in a loop
SUNRPC: Add hex-formatted address support to rpc_peeraddr2str()
SUNRPC: Rename xs_format_peer_addresses
SUNRPC: add a function to format IPv6 addresses
SUNRPC: add support for IPv6 to the kernel's rpcbind client
SUNRPC: Introduce support for setting the port number in IPv6 addresses
SUNRPC: Rename xs_bind() to prepare for IPv6-specific bind method
SUNRPC: create an IPv6-savvy mechanism for binding to a reserved port
SUNRPC: Refactor a part of socket connect logic into a helper function
SUNRPC: Rename IPv4 connect workers
SUNRPC: create connect workers for IPv6
SUNRPC: Add IPv6 address support to net/sunrpc/xprtsock.c
SUNRPC: Add a helper for extracting the address using the correct type
SUNRPC: Split xs_reclassify_socket into an IPv4 and IPv6 version
SUNRPC: Add support for formatted universal addresses
SUNRPC: Fix generation of universal addresses for
SUNRPC: Only one dprintk is needed during client creation
SUNRPC: fix a signed v. unsigned comparison nit in rpc_bind_new_program
SUNRPC: Use correct argument type in memcpy()
SUNRPC: Make sure server name is reasonable before trying to print it
SUNRPC: Clean up in rpc_show_tasks
SUNRPC: Make rpcb_decode_getaddr more picky about universal addresses
SUNRPC: Retry bad rpcbind replies
SUNRPC: Add a new error code for retry waiting for another binder
SUNRPC: Split another new rpcbind retry error code from EACCES
SUNRPC: RPC bind failures should be permanent for NULL requests
NFS: Kernel mount client should use async bind
NFS: Add new 'mountaddr=' mount option
NFS: Convert printk's to dprintk's in fs/nfs/nfs?xdr.c
LOCKD: Convert printk's to dprintk's in lockd XDR routines
NFSD: Convert printk's to dprintk's in NFSD's nfs4xdr
NFS: Verify server address before invoking in-kernel mount client
NFS: Show "nointr" mount option
SUNRPC: Fix bytes-per-op accounting for RPC over UDP
NFS: Don't call nfs_renew_times() in nfs_dentry_iput()
NFS: Eliminate nfs_renew_times()
NFS: Eliminate nfs_refresh_verifier()
SUNRPC: Use correct type in buffer length calculations

Fabio Olive Leite (1):
Re: [NFS] [PATCH] Attribute timeout handling and wrapping u32 jiffies

J. Bruce Fields (2):
nfs: add server port to rpc_pipe info file
SUNRPC: Fix default hostname created in rpc_create()

James Lentini (1):
[NFS] [PATCH] NFS: initialize default port in kernel mount client

Jeff Layton (1):
[NFS] [PATCH] NFS: show addr=ipaddr in /proc/mounts rather than

Jesper Juhl (1):
[23/37] Clean up duplicate includes in

Peter Staubach (1):
64 bit ino support for NFS client

Trond Myklebust (56):
NFS: Add the helper nfs_vm_page_mkwrite
NFS: Clean up write code...
NFS: Clean up nfs_writepages()
VFS: Remove writeback_control->fs_private
NFS: Clean up NFS writeback flush code
NFS: Writeback optimisation
NFS: Fall back to synchronous writes when a background write errors...
SUNRPC: Convert rpc_pipefs to use the generic filesystem notification hooks
NFSv4: Fix a bug in nfs4_validate_mount_data()
NFS: Add a helper to extract the nfs_open_context from a struct file
NFS: Replace file->private_data with calls to nfs_file_open_context()
NFSv4: Simplify _nfs4_do_access()
NFSv4: Make NFSv4 ACCESS calls return attributes too...
NFS: Fix over-conservative attribute invalidation in nfs_update_inode()
NFS: nfs_post_op_update_inode() should call nfs_refresh_inode()
NFS: fix nfs_verify_change_attribute
NFS: Fix dcache revalidation bugs
NFS: nfs_wcc_update_inode: directory caches are always invalidated
NFS: Don't force a dcache revalidation if nfs_wcc_update_inode succeeds
NFSv4: Don't use ctime/mtime for determining when to invalidate the caches
NFS: Don't use readdirplus data if the page cache is invalid
NFS: Fix atime revalidation in readdir()
NFS: Fix atime revalidation in read()
NFS: Fix the ESTALE "revalidation" in _nfs_revalidate_inode()
NFS: Remove bogus check of cache_change_attribute in nfs_update_inode
NFS: Fake up 'wcc' attributes to prevent cache invalidation after write
NFS: Fix the sign of the return value of nfs_save_change_attribute()
NFS: Fix nfs_verify_change_attribute()
NFS: Ensure nfs_instantiate() invalidates the parent dir on error
NFS: nfs_instantiate() should set the dentry verifier
NFS: Don't hash the negative dentry when optimising for an O_EXCL open
NFS: Fix a bug in nfs_open_revalidate()
NFS: Don't set cache_change_attribute in nfs_revalidate_mapping
NFS: Don't revalidate dentries on directory size or ctime changes
NFS: nfs_post_op_update_inode don't update cache_change_attribute
NFS: nfs_mark_for_revalidate don't update cache_change_attribute
NFS: don't cache the verifer across ->lookup() calls
NFS: Remove bogus nfs_mark_for_revalidate() in nfs_lookup
NFS: NFS_CACHEINV() should not test for nfs_caches_unstable()
NFS: Remove NFS_I(inode)->data_updates
NFS: Remove nfs_begin_data_update/nfs_end_data_update
NFS: Reset nfsi->last_updated only if the attribute changed
NFS: Optimise nfs_lookup_revalidate()
NFSv4: Don't revalidate the directory in nfs_atomic_lookup()
NFSv4: Use NFSv2/v3 rules for negative dentries in nfs_open_revalidate
NFSv4: Fix nfs_atomic_open() to set the verifier on negative dentries too
NFSv3: Always use directory post-op attributes in nfs3_proc_lookup
NFS: Remove the redundant nfs_reval_fsid()
NFS: Don't zap the readdir caches upon error
NFS: Be strict about dentry revalidation when doing exclusive create
NFS: Ensure that nfs_link() returns a hashed dentry
NFS: Simplify filehandle revalidation
NFS: Get rid of some obsolete macros
SUNRPC: Fix buggy UDP transmission
SUNRPC: Don't call xprt_release() if call_allocate fails
SUNRPC: Don't call xprt_release in call refresh

\"Talpey, Thomas\ (20):
SUNRPC: move per-transport rpcbind netid's
SUNRPC: export per-transport rpcbind netid's
NFS: move nfs_parsed_mount_data structure definition
NFS: use in-kernel mount argument structure for nfsv[23] mounts
NFS: use in-kernel mount argument structure for nfsv4 mounts
SUNRPC: mark bulk read/write data in xdrbuf
SUNRPC: add EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL for generic transport functions
SUNRPC: Provide a new API for registering transport implementations
SUNRPC: Finish API to load RPC transport implementations dynamically
SUNRPC: rename the rpc_xprtsock_create structure
SUNRPC: rearrange RPC sockets definitions
NFS/SUNRPC: support transport protocol naming
NFS/SUNRPC: use transport protocol naming
NFS - print accurate transport protocol
RPCRDMA: Kconfig and header file with rpcrdma protocol definitions
NFS: support RDMA mounts
RPCRDMA: rpc rdma transport switch
RPCRDMA: rpc rdma protocol implementation
RPCRDMA: rpc rdma verbs interface implementation

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