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    SubjectRe: Out-of-tree modules [was: Linux Security *Module* Framework]
    On 10/29/07, Jan Engelhardt <> wrote:
    > quad_dsp -
    > Provides a /dev/dsp style node for legacy applications that support
    > neither ALSA nor the AOSS wrapper nor more-than-2-channel sound.

    (I think that should read "AND more than 2 channel sound")

    Couldn't ALSA's OSS emulation be extended to support more than 2
    channels per device node?

    > thkd -
    > Workaround for Toshiba MK2003GAH hard-drive head auto-unloading after
    > 5-15 seconds. (Ref: )

    It looks like this could be trivially fixed in a mergeable way. That
    LKML thread petered out before the problem was seriously analyzed.

    Did you try the -Z flag of hdparm?

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