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SubjectRe: WANTED: kernel projects for CS students

> - Are large enough to qualify as a student project, luckily there is
> flexibility here since we get inquiries for anything from 6 week
> projects to 6 month projects.
> If you have ideas on what projects would be useful, please add them
> to this page (or email me):

Hard stuff:

* network character device -- similar to nbd, but for char devices.
either figure out how to forward ioctls(), or implement
usb-over-network, or...

* openMosix -- they seem to have userspace solution, but not GPLed.

* compression for ext4. Its about time someone did it right. Special
bonus if you can do it in a way that it does not slow down. If cpu
is free, compress, if it is busy, just write it straight to disk.
(cesky, pictures)
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