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SubjectRe: [patch 2/2] cpusets: add interleave_over_allowed option
On Fri, 2007-10-26 at 11:46 -0700, David Rientjes wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Oct 2007, Lee Schermerhorn wrote:
> > Actually, my patch doesn't change the set_mempolicy() API at all, it
> > just co-opts a currently unused/illegal value for the nodemask to
> > indicate "all allowed nodes". Again, I need to provide a libnuma API to
> > request this. Soon come, mon...
> >
> If something that was previously unaccepted is now allowed with a
> newly-introduced semantic, that's an API change.

Well, it's an extension for sure, but a backward compatible one. It
should not affect any correct existing application--i.e., one that
checks it's return status--except maybe the odd test program that needs
to be updated to handle the new semantics. We're allowed to extend APIs
as long as we don't break correct applications, right?

I mean, it's not like it's a new argument or such.


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