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SubjectRe: [AppArmor 00/45] AppArmor security module overview
On Friday 26 October 2007 16:37, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> In addition, I'd like to ask you to put a file in Documentation/
> somewhere that describes what AppArmor is intended security protection
> is (it's different from SELinux for sure for example); by having such a
> document for each LSM user, end users and distros can make a more
> informed decision which module suits their requirements... and it also
> makes it possible to look at the implementation to see if it has gaps
> to the intent, without getting into a pissing contest about which
> security model is better; but unless the security goals are explicitly
> described that's a trap that will keep coming back... so please spend
> some time on getting a good description going here..

Hmm, I agree that it makes sense to give a short overview of each LSM. A
description of the AppArmor model and implementation can be found in the
directory that John referred to actually. I'm unsure how much of that makes
sense under Documentation/ -- what do you think?

I guess actual end user information doesn't belong in the kernel sources; that
really seems wrong.

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