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SubjectRe: Is gcc thread-unsafe?
Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Ismail Dönmez wrote:
>> Thursday 25 October 2007 Tarihinde 17:55:00 yazmıştı:
>>> I think the OpenBSD people decided to actually do something about this,
>>> and I suspect it had *nothing* to do with license issues, and everything
>>> to do with these kinds of problems. I wish them all the luck, although
>>> personally I think LLVM is a much more interesting project.
>> And on the LLVM side all hopes for clang [0] at least for better C++
>> error reporting ;-)
>> [0]
> Someone should take 'sparse' and use that as a C language front-end to
> LLVM...

Among clang's "features":
"A single unified parser for C/ObjC/C++"

bleh. I cannot imagine how ugly a C parser gets, after being taught
C++. IMO since you can basically redefine everything in C++, it's not a
language but a proto-language.


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