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    SubjectRe: Hard lockups on

    Answering to myself.

    OAA> We have a problem with spontaneous (there is no relation with CPU
    OAA> load, memory load, uptime) hard lockups on linux (no
    OAA> additional patches) on SMP system (Intel E7230 ICH7 Montherboard). Num
    OAA> Lock (Caps Lock - no matter) on keyboard is not responding. There is
    OAA> no debug on console (no oops, no kernel panic, no NMI watchdog info
    OAA> [but nmi_watchdog=1 and NMI in /proc/interrupts is OK]). All we see is
    OAA> just previous console state (for example - login: prompt). We have the
    OAA> same situation on another PC with abosolutely the some hardware and
    OAA> software configuration. Could you give us some hints about how to
    OAA> debug this situation? If you need some additional information about
    OAA> our system, feel free to ask. I can post a lot of output (i.e. lspci,
    OAA> dmesg, etc...) but i don't want to post any useless information.

    Yesterday we added CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK and
    CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK_SLEEP to our kernel config.

    After six hours of uptime we got the same lockup, but the kernel
    became a little verbose:

    BUG: spinlock lockup on CPU#1, swapper/0, e9bcb200

    Nothing else. No call trace, no cpu registers dump. Just this
    line. Any hints?


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