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SubjectRe: Network slowdown due to CFS
Ingo Molnar <> writes:

> * David Schwartz <> wrote:
> > > These are generic statements, but i'm _really_ interested in the
> > > specifics. Real, specific code that i can look at. The typical Linux
> > > distro consists of in execess of 500 millions of lines of code, in
> > > tens of thousands of apps, so there really must be some good, valid
> > > and "right" use of sched_yield() somewhere in there, in some
> > > mainstream app, right? (because, as you might have guessed it, in
> > > the past decade of sched_yield() existence i _have_ seen my share of
> > > sched_yield() utilizing user-space code, and at the moment i'm not
> > > really impressed by those examples.)
> >
> > Maybe, maybe not. Even if so, it would be very difficult to find.
> > [...]
> is your friend. Really, (which has been around for a long time)
actually seems to have more code.

It's also a pity that so much free code is behind passwords
and protected from spiders.


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