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    Subject[2.6.23] tasks stuck in running state?
    On my main devel box, vanilla 2.6.23 on x86-64/Fedora-7, I'm seeing a 
    certain behavior at least once a day. I'll start a kernel build (make
    -sj5 on this box), and it will "hang" in the following way:

    > 31003 ? S 0:04 sshd: jgarzik@pts/0
    > 31004 pts/0 Ss 0:02 \_ -bash
    > 8280 pts/0 S+ 0:00 \_ make ARCH=i386 -sj4
    > 8690 pts/0 Z+ 0:00 \_ [rm] <defunct>
    > 8691 pts/0 S+ 0:00 \_ /bin/sh -c cat include/config/kernel.release 2> /dev/null
    > 8692 pts/0 R+ 6:12 \_ cat include/config/kernel.release

    Specifically, the symptom is a process, often a simple one like cat(1)
    or rm(1) or somewhere in check-headers, will stay in the running state,
    accumulating CPU time.

    If I Ctrl-C the build, and start over, the build will normally -not- get
    stuck at the same point, but proceed to chew through one of a bazillion
    allmodconfig builds.

    I also see this occasionally on my main workstation (also
    2.6.23/x86-64/Fedora-7), though not as frequently.

    This is a new behavior since the new scheduler was merged... I think.

    Nothing more concrete to report at this time. I cannot easily reproduce
    the behavior, as it happens [apparently] randomly sometime during the
    day. Generally, the files these programs are dealing with are -always-
    in the pagecache, if that makes any difference.


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