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Subjectsevere bug in 2.6.23+ kvm.git
Hi list,

we've experienced a severe bug in current kvm.git, that may have been
introduced to the git tree quite recently around last weekend. 2.6.23
is broken, 2.6.23-rc8 works for us. The symptom is, that our operon
kvm test machine shredders its hard disk content to a state that is
not correctably by the file system checker. We use raid1 md mirrored
ext3 file systems on 4 sata hard disks on it, and we've verified
correct operation of the hardware via badblocks and memtest86.
The problem occurs even without kvm modules loaded, so the cause seems
to be something that Avi pulled elsewhere. Did anyone else experience
similar problems with the 2.6.23 based kvm tree? Does anyone have an
idea about a possible cause, which would help us debugging it?

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