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    SubjectRe: What still uses the block layer?
    On Mon, 15 Oct 2007, Matthew Wilcox wrote:

    > On Mon, Oct 15, 2007 at 07:54:22PM -0700, wrote:
    >> do PCI devices reorder their bus numbers spontaniously, or only if you
    >> change the hardware?
    > The only system I've had that reordered PCI bus numbers was when I had a
    > partitionable system and changed the partitioning. Not quite "change
    > the hardware", but neither was it "spontaneous". It was certainly
    > unexpected (for me).

    Ok, I would class that as the equivalent of 'changing the hardware'.

    > Greg probably has quite different examples.

    I would definantly be interested in hearing some of them. Greg's comment
    makes it sound like this is something that (with modern hardware) could
    happen to anyone at any time (which, if true, would be sufficiant to
    require 'best effort' nameing of devices for everything), while my
    experiance is that if the hardware is static (i.e. you don't plugin or
    unplug PCI devices) the numbering of exisitng PCI devices and buses is
    static. and while I understand that consumer distros want to have
    everything 'best effort' named to make it easier for users, I disagree
    that this should force everyone to use 'best effort' when there are many
    situations where it's unnessasary overhead and chances for errors.

    David Lang
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