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SubjectRe: NVIDIA Ethernet & invalid MAC

I'm sorry, but I think that Alan proposed in the first email is more
than a hack. It would solve the issue for different versions and the
check is trivial. Or am I mistaken?

Thank you,

Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
>>> See the below for another report of this:
>>> And apparently some motherboard vendors have their own allocations
>>> for ethernet
>>> addresses?
>> We can teach it two ranges. I doubt anyone will be unlucky enough to
>> have
>> the one which could be either Nvidia or Gigabyte and have it matter.
>> The "go complain to the BIOS vendor" comment from Nvidia to me isn't an
>> answer. Maybe Nvidia can complain to BIOS vendors but end user
>> complaints
>> of that form rarely have any effect.
> That wasn't the point of the response at all. The datum is that set
> of users where DEV_HAS_CORRECT_MACADDR is accurately set or clear is
> vast majority of cases.
> For the rest, we'll want to look at adjusting DEV_HAS_CORRECT_MACADDR
> based on DMI strings or a hueristic like you suggested.
> Jeff

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