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SubjectRe: 2.6.23-mm1
Andrew Morton wrote:


> - I've been largely avoiding applying anything since rc8-mm2 in an attempt
> to stabilise things for the 2.6.23 merge.
> But that didn't stop all the subsystem maintainers from going nuts, with
> the usual accuracy. We're up to a 37MB diff now, but it seems to be working
> a bit better.

Works a bit better right :) At least it boots here but I have a strange problem with it.

It seems 2.6.23-mm1 kills off java. Every program needs java here does not work anymore telling
'my java' installation is incorrect. Also I noticed firefox is acting weird as well thunderbird.
Gtk apps just random freeze and need be killed with -11.

Running 'java -version' manually returns nothing , 'java -jar some.jar' does nothing as well. ( not even a error or anything else )

( I've also tested sun's java 1.5 and 1.6 and openjre as well all with same result )

I only have a WARNING in my dmesg but i don't think this is related to this :

Oct 13 01:44:52 lara [10722.146448] WARNING: at fs/namespace.c:586 __mntput()
Oct 13 01:44:52 lara [10722.146478] [<c0167cb2>] mntput_no_expire+0x5d/0xab
Oct 13 01:44:52 lara [10722.146503] [<c01683d1>] sys_umount+0x1f8/0x202
Oct 13 01:44:52 lara [10722.146511] [<c010f368>] check_pgt_cache+0x13/0x15
Oct 13 01:44:52 lara [10722.146529] [<c0158cd0>] sys_stat64+0xf/0x23
Oct 13 01:44:52 lara [10722.146549] [<c0147a9c>] remove_vma+0x31/0x36
Oct 13 01:44:52 lara [10722.146574] [<c010fbf6>] do_page_fault+0x180/0x4ea
Oct 13 01:44:52 lara [10722.146600] [<c01683e6>] sys_oldumount+0xb/0xe
Oct 13 01:44:52 lara [10722.146614] [<c010258e>] sysenter_past_esp+0x5f/0x85
Oct 13 01:44:52 lara [10722.146639] [<c02e0000>] xfrm_tmpl_resolve+0x2bd/0x37b
Oct 13 01:44:52 lara [10722.146656] =======================

I also noticed some programs like vlc segfaults :

vlc[20506]: segfault at 01950000 eip 01950000 esp b4876368 error 4

Booting 2.6.23 makes all these go away.

I don't have anything else in my logs. Any idea what patches could cause this problem(s) ?

Config can be found there ->


Gabriel C
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