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SubjectRe: 2.6.23-rt1 lockup after loading HAL deamon

I enabled netconsole but I am affraid that it won't help. In attachment
I am sending complete log over netconsole. While I was trying to make
everything, I got a lockup on linux-2.6.23-rc8, but I am not sure into
this. But all lockups happend in VGA console mode. Any ideas.


Ingo Molnar wrote:
>> I tried to recompile with those options enabled, kernel and linux
>> boots and loads fine, but after few minutes (if i try to recompile
>> kernel in console) the system locks completely (hard reset) without
>> any messages. Is there anything I can do, maybe console on serial
>> port? My new config is atached.
> yes, serial console (or netconsole) output would be useful, if you can
> solve that. Another way would be to boot with nmi_watchdog=2, do the
> kernel recompile in a VGA text console, and wait for the lockup to
> occur. Either you get some crash message to the text console
> immediately, or you should get the NMI watchdog print something within a
> minute or so. If neither happens you just get a blank hard lockup then
> the wedge is very deep ...
> (also make sure that the NMI counter in /proc/interrupts is increasing
> on all CPUs properly, with nmi_watchdog=2. If not all CPUs/cores are
> increasing their NMI counters once per second then the NMI watchdog wont
> be able to print out a stackdump.)
> Ingo

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