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SubjectRe: "mount --bind" with user/group/mode definition?
On Oct 11, 2007, at 04:35:37, Ph. Marek wrote:
> is there some way to duplicate a directory somewhere else (like
> with "mount --bind"), but having different owner/group/mode bits?
> I'd like to mount a directory I have no control over (think NFS, or
> floppy, ...) with clearly defined rights - like root:<some group>,
> mode 0550 for all directories, and 0440 for all files. (Here I want
> to have full *read* control, regardless of the original permissions).
> [ I know that this special case can be (mostly) done by a read-only
> binding mount; the part that is missing is eg. files with a
> different owner being 0700. ]
> I know that something like this is possible for eg. VFAT, which has
> no right descriptors for itself; but I'd need that for arbitrary
> directory trees, who themselves *have* permissions set.
> Is there some way to achieve that?

Not at the moment, unfortunately. I suspect that with the recent
developments in user container support and/or overlay mounting it
will become possible to either write a UID/GID-translation overlay
filesystem or grant cross-UID-container keys to achieve what you
want. On the other hand that probably won't fully happen for up to a
year or so.

Kyle Moffett
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