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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Linux 2.6 release history in the Google Calendar
Hello All,

I am working for the project of putting past Linux release-dates into
the Google calendar.
This project is gathering each dates from files in the for
Linux-2.6, -mm patch set, -rc and stable releases, and show us the
Google calendar's view in the Web browser.

By the Google calendar's feature to share my calendar to everyone, you
can include my calendar data to your Google calendar.

Below is operation to do that.

1. Login to the Google calendar
2. Click "Manage calendars" at most bottom line of left bottom box.
3. Click "Add calendar" at the bottom of Calendar-Setting-square
4. You can see Add-Other-Calendar-square then choose "Friends' Calendars" tab
5. Enter following email address at Contact Email box, and click Add bottom

Share calendar of Linux2.6 release history
Share calendar of Linux2.6 RC release
Share calendar of Linux2.6 mm patch set
Share calendar of Linux2.6 stable release

You should operate above steps (2-5) for each calendars.

Then, You can browse the result of kernel development using calendar view.

Note: I am finding a machine which is always connecting to the Internet
to run my cron-scripts for automatic update but now it is running by
my hand and may have some delay.

Tsugikazu Shibata
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