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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] please pull infiniband.git for-linus

On Thu, 11 Oct 2007, David Miller wrote:
> Even if you're confident there won't be merge issues, could you just
> wait for the net-2.6 stuff to go in first?

I pulled the net stuff first, and merged the IB stuff afterwards. No
conflicts in IB, but there *were* conflicts with the networking pull for
other reasons.

That horrid, horrid mess that is called include/linux/mod_devicetable.h
and scripts/mod/file2alias.c must go at some point. The thing is
unmaintainable. Different maintainers add their own structures to both,
and functions to both, and it's just messy. That's not how maintainable
and modularized code should be written.

Now it broke on sdio vs ssb, but there was actually a conflict earlier
with the Kbuild merge (which I aborted for other reasons), so this file
really is starting to be a problem.

The merge was fairly straightforward and stupid - it's not like the code
added is *complicated*, but all those small functions and structrues are
set up to be a maze of very similar lines, so the merge is actually much
worse than it should be - because there is inherent similarity, some lines
are automatically auto-merged, making the result just harder to visualize.

So I merged it all, and I don't expect any problems, but I'm hoping
somebody is thinking about that mod_devicetable.h/file2alias.c mess.

I'm not entirely sure who to blame on that thing. I'm adding Greg to the
Cc, on the assumption that blaming him is usually the right thing to do ;)

Oh, and obviously, the NAPI changes may well have resulted in a merge that
had no actual *conflicts* in it, but whether the end result works or not
(and whether any IB drivers need updating due to the NAPI changes), I
cannot tell. I've pushed out my tree, so people who are competent or just
morbidly curious should start looking at it: it's got the following things
merged now:

- x86 merge
- mmc
- v4l-dvb
- blackfin
- avr32
- block layer updates
- Jeff's dmi-const
- Purdie's blacklight and led trees
- ide
- mips
- net
- infiniband

and it all builds for me, but hey, I don't use half of it.

Oh, btw, one final note: because of just a *ton* of renames, if you
actually want git to do rename-detection for you and do automatic merges
across those x86 renames, you should likely add


to your .gitconfig file. Otherwise, the rename detection heuristics may
end up saying "I'm not going to even bother finding renames in that mess".

(That final note really shouldn't affect any normal users, but I thought
I'd mention it in case somebody is going to want git to merge things
across the x86 merge, and gets stuck not realizing why some versions of
git might not notice the renames).

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