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Subject[Patch 000/002] Rearrange notifier of memory hotplug


This patch set is to rearrange event notifier for memory hotplug,
because the old notifier has some defects. For example, there is no
information like new memory's pfn and # of pages for callback functions.

Fortunately, nothing uses this notifier so far, there is no impact by
this change. (SLUB will use this after this patch set to make
kmem_cache_node structure).

In addition, descriptions of notifer is added to memory hotplug

This patch was a part of patch set to make kmem_cache_node of SLUB
to avoid panic of memory online. But, I think this change becomes
not only for SLUB but also for others. So, I extracted this from it.

This patch set is for 2.6.23-rc8-mm2.
I tested this patch on my ia64 box.

Please apply.


Yasunori Goto

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