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SubjectRe: Aggregation in embedded context, is kernel GPL2prejudiceagainst embedded systems?
> have no idea about the details, but it seems that those groups who have
> pursued GPL cases may have avoided setting precedents lest it reduce the
> grayness.

I think its more that the cases pursued have been about wholesale abuse
of the GPL not about precise fine points. When you have someone
committing outright blatant breaches of the licence its quite different
to a philosophical dispute about a cornercase.

If you talk to a copyright lawyer you will find they can provide a lot of
guidance based upon prior caselaw in other areas (combining works in
books, setting works to music etc) where a great deal of caselaw has been
produced and many consider can be mapped reasonably onto arguments about
other areas.

That is however a discussion to have with someone qualified to practice
that area of law.

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