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SubjectRe: hdparm standby timeout not working for WD raptors?
Mark Weber wrote:
> I can't get "hdparm -S" to work at all.
> Using "hdparm -S 1" should set the timeout to
> 5 seconds, but the drives stay active/idle all the
> time. When I set to standby manually, the drives
> stay on standby for days, and start up fine when
> they are used. I know this because I logged status
> every 30 minutes using crontab.
> They just don't standby automatically.
> I'm using 5 identical drives (see below for drive
> info), with software RAID.

I don't have Raptors here anymore to try it with,
but "hdparm -S1 /dev/sd?" did work fine with them
when last tried.

What do you get when you try this:

hdparm -S1 -C /dev/sda;sleep 6; hdparm -C /dev/sda

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