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SubjectRe: sata_sil24 broken since 2.6.23-rc4-mm1
On 10/11/07, Tejun Heo <> wrote:
> Torsten Kaiser wrote:
> >>> That missing +1 would explain, why the SGE_TRM never gets set.
> >> Thanks a lot for tracking this down. Does changing the above code fix
> >> your problem?
> >
> > I did not try it.
> > I'm not an libata expert and while this change looks suspicios, I
> > can't be 100% sure if that change was intended.
> > And I did not want to experiment this deep in the code and risk
> > corrupting the hole drive.
> I don't think you would risk too much by changing that bit of code.
> Please try it.

The debug output now shows that SGE_TRM is getting set.
I will try to reproduce the error tomorrow morning, and report if I'm
still seeing it.

Reporting that I'm no longer see it is sadly not a good indicator, as
it also seems to depend on other factors like memory layout and/or
code alignment.

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