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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 4/7] make open_namei() return a filp
> If open_namei() succeeds, there is potentially a mnt_want_write()
> that needs to get balanced. If the caller doesn't create a
> 'struct file' and eventually __fput() it, or manually drop the
> write count on an error, we have a bug.
> Forcing open_namei() to return a filp fixes this. Any caller
> getting a 'struct file' back must consider that filp instantiated
> and fput() it normally. The callers no longer have to worry about
> ever manually releasing a mnt write count.

I think this changelog is out of date, as this problem should have
been dealt with in patch-2/7.

Otherwise I don't object to this change, it looks like a fine cleanup.

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