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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] faster workaround
> The problem is that the 3112 generates Data FIS's of a size other than a 
> multiple of 512 bytes. Spec-legal, but exposed firmware bugs in many
> early SATA drives. Early Seagate hard drives choked when the formula
> (sector%15)==1 was satisfied (or something along those lines).

And the 3114 is the same ?

> 2) Once we identified, over time, the set of drives affected by this
> 3112 quirk (aka drives that didn't fully comply to SATA spec), the
> debugging of corruption cases largely shifted to the standard routine:
> update the BIOS, replace the cables/RAM/power/mainboard/slot/etc. to be
> certain of problem location.

Except for the continued series of later SI + Nvidia chipset (mostly)
pattern which seems unanswered but also being later chips I assume
unrelated to this problem.
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