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SubjectHelp with rtc to hpet conversion of OSGPS driver
I'm the Linux maintainer for the OSGPS (open source GPS) project.  Our 
last release version was based off Fedora 5 and since we have had some
hardware issues with our on board interrupt line I was using the RTC
interrupt to service the tracking loops. I've been trying to make the
driver work with Fedora 7 and the 2.6.22 kernel, but the rtc_register()
and other RTC functions seems to have been removed. I see they've been
replaced by the corresponding HPET functions, which is great. However,
hpet_register() always returns -16 (EBUSY). This could be because I
lack the correct hardware (I'm running 32-bit Linux on a Athlon64 with
an NVIDIA chipset) or some other reason.

I'm looking for any help here. The RTC version of the code can be
viewed at:

Can device drivers still use the real-time clock at all? Does the
tickless kernel effect this at all?

Thanks for any help you can lend,
Rick Niles.

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