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SubjectRe: idio{,ma}tic typos (was Re: + fix-vm_can_nonlinear-check-in-sys_remap_file_pages.patch added to -mm tree)
Alexey Dobriyan wrote:
> ["if (!x & y)" patch from yanzheng@]
> ["if (!x & y)" patch from adobriyan@]
> ["if (!x & y)" patches from viro@]
> While we're at it, below is somewhat ugly sparse patch for detecting
> "&& 0x" typos.

Excellent idea! I think it applies to || as well. I'll most likely
add a -Wboolean-logic-on-bit-constant to turn this warning on.

Any reason why this wouldn't apply to octal constants or to GCC's new
binary constants? I can trivially modify this patch to handle those
as well, just by dropping the check for an 'x' or 'X', and renaming the

As far as patch beauty goes, I think this patch looks just fine.

- Josh Triplett

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