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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.23

* René Rebe <> wrote:

> Hi Linus et al.,
> 2.6.23 does not build with my usual .config on x86_64 and gcc-4.2.1:

i know about 4 (low-impact, cornercase) build breakages for 2.6.23-final
on x86:

- an uncommon embedded config combinatio: if CONFIG_EMBEDDED=y and
CONFIG_BLOCK is unset. (a normally useless combination)

- an uncommon V4L config combination: mixed-modular-built-in driver V4L
config variation. (CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7146=y and CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF=m)

- an uncommon MTD config combination (normal systems do not need
CONFIG_MTD configured)

- an uncommon CONFIG_USB_NET_CDC_SUBSET config combination (normal
systems should never hit that)

[ furthermore there are a few driver-firmware build options that break
and which are not correctly made dependent on !PREVENT_FIRMWARE_BUILD.
Again, this is not something one would normally configure. ]

your superblock build failure would be a new and so far unknown build
breakage variant - please send the .config you used, and double-check
that it's indeed a vanilla 2.6.23 tree.

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