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SubjectRe: SATA/IDE Dual Mode w/Intel 945 Chipset or HOW TO LIQUIFY a flash IDE chip under 2.6.18
Jeff Garzik wrote:

> Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
>> I just finished pulling out a melted IDE flash drive out of a Shuttle
>> motherboard with the intel 945 chipset which claims to support
>> SATA and IDE drives concurrently under Linux 2.6.18.
>> The chip worked for about 30 seconds before liquifying in the
>> chassis. I note that the 945 chipset in the shuttle PC had some serious
>> issues recognizing 2 x SATA devices and a IDE device concurrently.
>> Are there known problems with the Linux drivers
>> with these newer chipsets.
>> One other disturbing issue was the IDE flash drive was configured
>> (and recognized) as /dev/hda during bootup, but when
>> it got to the root mountint, even with root=/dev/hda set, it still
>> kept thinking the drive was at scsi (ATA) device (08,13)
>> and kept crashing with VFS cannot find root FS errors.
> We have two sets of ATA drivers now, and Intel motherboards support
> bazillion annoying IDE modes, so you will need to provide more info
> than this.
> Is the motherboard in combined mode?

Yes. "Enhanced mode" is how it is listed in the BIOS.

> native mode? AHCI or RAID mode?

No RAID, just enhanced mode (SATA 3.0 + IDE)

> What driver set did you pick?

Standard build = standard IDE + Intel PIIX + SATA + Intel ICP

> is drivers/ide built in, modular, or disabled? is drivers/ata built
> in, modular, or disabled?

built in in all cases.

> The cannot-find-root-FS errors are definitely caused by driver and/or
> initrd misconfiguration. The melted flash, I dunno, maybe you managed
> to get two drivers fighting over the same hardware.

No. Seems related to the chipset problems. If I say "root=/dev/hda2" I
have better not be getting errors claiming device 08:13 could not mount
as root. memory corruption?

The melted flash seems power related (like pin 20 was live for some
reason on a standard IDE).


> Jeff

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