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    SubjectRe: macros: "do-while" versus "({ })" and a compile-time error
    Robert P. J. Day wrote:
    > just to stir the pot a bit regarding the discussion of the two
    > different ways to define macros,

    You mean function-like macros, right?

    > i've just noticed that the "({ })"
    > notation is not universally acceptable. i've seen examples where
    > using that notation causes gcc to produce:
    > error: braced-group within expression allowed only inside a function

    And function calls and macros which expand to "do { expr; } while (0)"
    won't work anywhere outside of functions either.

    > i wasn't aware that there were limits on this notation. can someone
    > clarify this? under what circumstances *can't* you use that notation?
    > thanks.

    The limitations are certainly highly compiler-specific.
    Stefan Richter
    -=====-=-=== ---= -=--=
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