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    SubjectRe: Gaming Interface
    At 13:13 +0100 8/1/07, Dirk wrote:
    >Trent Waddington wrote:
    > > Call me crazy, but game manufacturers want directx right? You aint
    > > running that in the kernel.
    >They want something like DirectX that changes it's API less frequent
    >than DirectX and that compiles as a module because you don't want to run
    >it in the kernel.

    Whats wrong with just using SDL/OpenGL? Thousands of games are made
    with SDL/OpenGL, and there are realms of Linux usage where this works
    just fine, especially for games (GP2X, etc). In case you didn't
    notice, plenty of pro Game Developers use SDL/OpenGL just fine for
    their needs, and get the job done without grumbling and groaning
    about needing to have their hands held through the process.

    I fail to see the reason this requirement has to be a 'kernel'
    interface, other than pure sheer laziness and inability to grok on
    the part of the so-called professional Game Developers. Gaming is
    only *one* kind of application for the Linux kernel - shall we burden
    the kernel with everything everyone wants just because people fail to
    understand the proper way to assemble a Linux-based kit for their
    specific application needs? (Hint: work with the distro builders.)

    Just my .2c, but anyone suggesting that API's be crowbar'ed into the
    kernel "just to make it easier to get what you want from a single
    source" is probably not as familiar with the underlying technology,
    nor the reasons for its structured organization, as they ought to be
    before making such suggestions ..



    Jay Vaughan

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