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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/24] Unionfs: Documentation

    On Jan 8 2007 14:02, Andrew Morton wrote:
    >Shaya Potter <> wrote:
    >> the difference is bind mounts are a vfs construct, while unionfs is a
    >> file system.
    >Well yes. So the top-level question is "is this the correct way of doing
    >I suspect not, in which case unionfs is at best a stopgap until someone
    >comes along and implements unionisation at the VFS level, at which time
    >unionfs goes away.

    Not either. I *think* Jan Blunck wrote a pdf-paper about 'union mounts', i.e.
    the vfs construct you refer to. [ looks like
    it ]
    However, it's not duplicating a namespace, hence, unionfs also has a
    right to exist.

    >a) is unionfs a sufficiently useful stopgap to justify a merge and
    >b) would an interim merge of unionfs increase or decrease the motivation
    > for someone to do a VFS implementation?
    >I suspect the answer to b) is "increase": if unionfs proves to be useful
    >then people will be motivated to produce more robust implementations of the
    >same functionality. If it proves to not be very useful then nobody will
    >bother doing anything, which in a way would be a useful service.

    Fact is, when it's in, bugs could be shaken out. Though then I think what
    better AUFS could do.

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