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Subject[PATCH 00/24] Unionfs, try #4
The have been no real significant changes since the previous submission (see
end of this email for detailed changelog).

We believe that the code is stable enough to warrant inclusion into -mm.

As before, there is a git repo at:



The repository contains 24 commits (also available as patches in replies to
this email):

Unionfs: Documentation
lookup_one_len_nd - lookup_one_len with nameidata argument
Unionfs: Branch management functionality
Unionfs: Common file operations
Unionfs: Copyup Functionality
Unionfs: Dentry operations
Unionfs: File operations
Unionfs: Directory file operations
Unionfs: Directory manipulation helper functions
Unionfs: Inode operations
Unionfs: Lookup helper functions
Unionfs: Main module functions
Unionfs: Readdir state
Unionfs: Rename
Unionfs: Privileged operations workqueue
Unionfs: Handling of stale inodes
Unionfs: Miscellaneous helper functions
Unionfs: Superblock operations
Unionfs: Helper macros/inlines
Unionfs: Internal include file
Unionfs: Include file
Unionfs: Unlink
Unionfs: Kconfig and Makefile
Unionfs: Extended Attributes support


Josef 'Jeff' Sipek <> on behalf of the Unionfs team.

Changes since try #3:

- Renamed several functions: more consistent and less likely to cause
namespace collisions (Jan Engelhardt)
- Moved Unionfs magic to include/linux/ (Jan Engelhardt)
- Misc coding style cleanup (Jan Engelhardt)

Changes since try #2:

- Added more comments (akpm)
- Cleaned up inode/dentry/file/sb private data structure member names
- Moved struct inode from unionfs_inode_container into unionfs_inode_info
(following ext2's example)
- Renamed {d,i,f,s}topd to UNIONFS_{D,I,F,S} (following almost any fs's
- Removed *_ptr and *_lhs macros, open-coding the assignments (Pekka Enberg)
- Kill wrappers (e.g., unionfs_kill_block_super) (Pekka Enberg)
- Few tiny coding style fixes
- Removed some unnecessary complexity (no need to pass struct file and a
struct dentry for that file to a function - just pass a struct file
and dereference in the function, etc.)
- Removed some unnecessary checks (if (foo) kfree(foo); is completely
redundant as kfree has a null check)
- Changed C++-style comments to C-style comments (Pekka Enberg)
- Use struct kmem_cache instead of kmem_cache_t (Pekka Enberg)
- Use anonymous unions for sioq (Jan Engelhardt)
- Moved some functionality into fsstack (most of it is in -mm already)

Changes since try #1:

- unionfs_lookup must pass lookup intents to the lower filesystem (Trond
- patches reordered (Stephen Rothwell)
- numerous style comments by Jan Engelhardt

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