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    SubjectRe: [BUG KERNEL 2.6.20-rc1] ftp: get or put stops during file-transfer

    I made a patch below.
    With this patch, the ftp-transfer-stop problem does not happen.
    Therefore, I think this is not a problem of vsftpd.

    Mr.YOSHIFUJI san, why did you set TCPOLEN_TSTAMP_ALIGNED
    to iov_len?

    --- linux-2.6.20-rc3/net/ipv4/tcp_ipv4.c.orig 2007-01-03 11:50:04.000000000 +0900
    +++ linux-2.6.20-rc3/net/ipv4/tcp_ipv4.c 2007-01-03 15:30:44.000000000 +0900
    @@ -648,7 +648,7 @@ static void tcp_v4_send_ack(struct tcp_t
    rep.opt[1] = htonl(tcp_time_stamp);
    rep.opt[2] = htonl(ts);
    - arg.iov[0].iov_len = TCPOLEN_TSTAMP_ALIGNED;
    + arg.iov[0].iov_len = sizeof(rep);

    /* Swap the send and the receive. */

    Best Regards

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