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SubjectRe: [Ksummit-2007-discuss] Re: [Ksummit-2006-discuss] 2007 Linux Kernel Summit
Dave Jones wrote:
> If it makes you feel better, I'll stand down as a PC member, and
> attempt attendance on merit. I'm seriously tired of the allegations
> that there's underhand things going on.


I'm sorry you feel that way, that is not the intention of it. I raise
the issue of the number of members, and particularly the fact that seats
are sold off to sponsors to the level they are. If we didn't
continuously get touted that this has to be restricted to death to the
point of being constructive this wouldn't be a problem, but thats where
it is.

Gerrit mentioned that half the committee shows up to be dead weight when
it comes down to the crunch at the end, so if this is the case, does it
really make sense to keep said members on the committee? LCA had how
many proposals? they handled it with a 7-8 member group I believe, and
yes I know Rusty did bitch about having to read a couple of hundred
papers, but they did pretty darn well.

> All the PC committee members last year were on the same voting sheet
> as everyone else. Theoretically, I could have given low votes to
> Andi, Ted and everyone else on the PC, but that would be ridiculous
> given the work they do, and the value they've added to previous summits.

If a person on the committee qualifies under the technical requirements
decided upon by the committee, then obviously that person should be
invited too.

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