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SubjectRe: Free Linux Driver Development!

On Jan 31 2007 08:34, David Hollis wrote:
>Conversely, I've seen many cases of drivers that are developed by the
>community, but kept out-of-kernel forever due to various reasons. Some
>of them are due to the code quality and the developers not accepting the
>feedback to get the drivers into shape to be 'kernel worthy', sometimes
>it seems to be a lack of interest from the developers to merge upstream.
>Maybe because they think they would lose control or something?

Putting the "codingstyle" control aside, often it's because things look
too hackish. Take ipt_ROUTE as an example. It won't get included, since
the "proper" way to do it would be using MARK and iproute2. But many users
don't get that [no criticism here], because ipt_ROUTE is so much easier.
(Probably because iproute2 and other netlink-using tools, like tc, lack
thorough documentation.)

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