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SubjectRe: [PATCH 22/23] clocksource: new clock lookup method
On Wed, 2007-01-31 at 09:39 -0800, Daniel Walker wrote:
> > please read my reply above! To repeat: such flags tend to get forgotten,
> > resulting in a less safe default behavior. Clock hardware and thus
> > clocksources are fundamentally fragile so we want to default to the
> > safest behavior. I.e. if the IS_CONTINOUS flag is 'forgotten', the clock
> > wont be usable as a clock verification base for example. The flag has to
> > be affirmatively set to mark the clocksource continous.
> I don't see this as an issue .. Your assuming that not continuous clocks
> will be prevalent which they aren't ..

And how does this change Ingo's statement ? Such beasts exist and having
them default to the safe side is good.

Also I really do not see the "huge burden" for a clocksource coder to
add this flag. If he forgets it, then he can not use highres / dynticks
and nothing breaks.


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