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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Undo some of the pseudo-security madness

> No amount of carefulness will prevent vendors stick arbitrarily
> damaging values of stack and mmap base randomisation, severely reducing
> the usefullness of MAP_FIXED.

MAP_FIXED is useful still. The only safe way is to use addresses you got
from mmap(), eg you overmap something.
Anything else is madness, with or without randomization. The C library
for example is free, and does, allocate memory and stacks etc etc.

Same for many other libraries; in addition libraries change in size all
the time... MAP_FIXED of an address you don't KNOW is free is a bug.
(using an address previously obtained from mmap() is safest, but you
could in theory also parse /proc/self/maps, although that is racey,
since nothing guarantees that the C library didn't spawn a background
thread that allocates memory)

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