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SubjectRe: [PATCH 23/23] clocksource tsc: add verify routine

* Daniel Walker <> wrote:

> I've included this as another user of the clocksource interface. I
> don't see a usage for this across all achitectures. So a fully generic
> version isn't needed.

well, this implementation is buggy in at least two ways:

firstly, it allows a circular verification dependency in highres+dyntick
mode between the jiffies and tsc clocksources.

secondly, verification is not done while the system is booting up:

> static void verify_tsc_freq(unsigned long unused)
> {

> + if (unlikely(system_state != SYSTEM_RUNNING))
> + goto out_timer;

so we should just go with Thomas' patch:


which has been based on and tested on actual systems affected by these

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