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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sysctl selinux: Don't look at table->de
On Tuesday 30 January 2007 05:43, Stephen Smalley <> wrote:
> True, but a system that disables proc is likely a system with a custom
> policy anyway,

In practice we have to extensively customise policy long before getting to the
non-proc stage of optimising for small hardware. The Familiar distribution
(used on the iPaQ) has /proc but needs significant policy changes when
compared to a typical Fedora workstation. Not only is there the issue that
embedded distributions have different daemons and path names to workstations,
but the memory constraints mean that even a modular targeted policy is not as
small as you desire.

> and dependency on proc is fairly basic to selinux these
> days (due to reliance on /proc/self/attr for process attribute
> manipulation in place of the old selinux syscalls).  Possibly we should
> just make selinux depend on proc and drop the #ifdef there.

I think that is the correct thing to do. Someone who is prepared to do all
the work needed to get a recent SE Linux system operating without /proc will
have no problem changing the kernel config scripts and everyone else would be
better off not being confused by being offered sets of options that are not

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