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    SubjectProblem with unix sockets: SOCK_DGRAM ignores MSG_TRUNC

    I use unix domain datagram sockets for IPC, e.g. I receive messages by
    calling recv().

    "man 2 recv" tells me about the flags argument to a recv() call, namely:

    Return the real length of the packet, even when it was longer
    than the passed buffer. Only valid for packet sockets.

    Thus I used recv() with flags MSG_TRUNC|MSG_PEEK in order to detect
    message truncation due to insufficient buffer size.

    Strangely enough, MSG_TRUNC seems to get ignored by the kernel: If the
    message received is larger than the receive buffer I supplied, the
    function returns the size of the buffer. I think, the function should
    return the real message length instead (at least according to the manual

    To work around this problem, I now use the ioctl FIONREAD instead.

    On the other hand, in this mailing list, I found an old bug report
    describing the same problem using UDP sockets:

    UDP sockets seem to have been patched by now. From linux/net/ipv4/udp.c:
    err = copied;
    if (flags & MSG_TRUNC)
    err = skb->len - sizeof(struct udphdr);

    Why doesn't unix_dgram_recvmsg() in linux/net/unix/af_unix.c contain code
    to this effect? Is this a feature or a bug? What is the correct semantics
    of MSG_TRUNC when used for unix sockets?

    Daniel Kabs

    PS: According to some lkml archives, my previous mail did not come
    through, so I reposted it.
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