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SubjectAdvice on APM-EMU reunion

some months ago I sent to the MIPS and ARM mail lists a patch to unify
the several APM emulation codes adding a new dedicated directory so it
can be used to put there the per board specific code avoiding code
duplications (see files ./arch/arm/kernel/apm.c,
./arch/mips/kernel/apm.c and ./arch/sh/kernel/apm.c that are almost
the same).

The patch is here
and it has been lost in the deep space...

The target is to remove the files ./arch/{arm,mips,sh}/kernel/apm.c
and to add files drivers/apm-emu/{Kconfig,Makefile,apm-emu.c}.

Now I try on this list in order to have some advice if this could be a
good idea and what about if I add a new class "apm_emu" on the sysfs
support with proper registrations functions.

Thanks in advance,



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