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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm: remove global locks from mm/highmem.c

* Hugh Dickins <> wrote:

> > For every 64-bit Fedora box there's more than seven 32-bit boxes. I
> > think 32-bit is going to live with us far longer than many thought,
> > so we might as well make it work better. Both HIGHMEM and HIGHPTE is
> > the default on many distro kernels, which pushes the kmap
> > infrastructure quite a bit.
> But HIGHPTE uses kmap_atomic (in mainline: does -rt use kmap there?)

The contention i saw was on mainline and in the pagecache uses of
kmap(). With HIGHPTE i only meant that typically every available highmem
option is enabled on 32-bit distro kernel rpms, to make it work on as
wide selection of hardware as possible. Sometimes PAE is split into a
separate rpm, but mostly there's just one 32-bit kernel.

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