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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] init: support preset lpj value as config option
    On Fri, Jan 26, 2007 at 10:29:24AM -0800, Tim Bird wrote:
    > Andrew Morton wrote:
    > >> i386 is missing CONFIG_CMDLINE support, and this architecture
    > >> is used in embedded.
    > >
    > > So if we add CONFIG_CMDLINE we fix this problem and we bring i386 into line
    > > with other platforms. It's all good.
    > >
    > >> I think many other x86 derivatives are
    > >> also missing .config-based command line support. CELF has
    > >> worked to get patches submitted to fix this, but so far these
    > >> haven't been accepted.
    > >
    > > You have?
    > >
    > > <looks at inbox>
    > >
    > > To whom?
    > Matt Mackall would know better than I. He's the person
    > CELF hired to do this. Here are some of the previous LKML
    > discussions around this issue:
    > Last time I talked to Matt about this (some time in
    > November, I believe), he said he had worked out a
    > solution agreeable to H. Peter Anvin, who had issues
    > with the original submission. I'm not sure if that
    > latest solution was submitted to mainline or not.

    The idea was to allow putting something like "%s" in the built-in
    command line and expanding that with the provided command line. This
    allows you to append/prepend/ignore the provided command line as you

    This is a fair bit more complicated than what the existing
    implementations of CONFIG_CMDLINE are doing and details like
    early_cmdline handling don't help matters. Haven't yet come up with an
    implementation I'm happy with.

    Mathematics is the supreme nostalgia of our time.
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