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SubjectRe: [Ksummit-2006-discuss] 2007 Linux Kernel Summit
From: Dirk Hohndel <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2007 06:22:54 -0800

> > For the first time in many years I'm strongly considering actually
> > going to the kernel summit, however if it goes back to Ottawa I
> > definitely will stop going again.
> Is that specific to Ottawa, or is this any North American location?

It's about repetitiveness and what that does to human beings.

As someone who organizes a yearly Linux kernel conference for all the
networking folks, I can proudly say we haven't gone to the same
location more than one time. I believe that is critical to keep the
repetitiveness out of a conference.

We've held netconf in Japan, Montreal, Portland, and this year will
likely be Europe. People found a way to make it and we found
sufficient sponsorship for all attendees who needed monetary travel
assistence every time. This is why I don't buy the funding argument
at all. People who want to come and have the desire, will find a way.
Conferences who think attendance is important, will find a way to
provide sponsorship for travel when needed.

It's too damn repetitive to go to the same location over and over.
Why do you think LCA tries to go to a different city every year and
even let "foreigners" run the show last year in New Zealand? :-)
Nobody want to go to the same place twice if they have to travel
at all.

As an added bonus, we can hand off the conference organizing to
different folks in the local location each year. That will also add
some new life and excitement to kernel summit, have different people
chair, organize, and run the conference. If you use the same people,
just like using the same venue, the thing gets stale, and the kernel
summit is extremely stale at the moment.

That's what I'm against, going to the same location over and over. It
makes the event more like a chore than something to look forward to
and enjoy.
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