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SubjectRe: [patch 00/46] High resolution timer / dynamic tick update

* Daniel Walker <> wrote:

> > i disagree. Thomas' tree has been tested in -rt for some time
> > already, and he's the author of this code so as far as i'm concerned
> > he calls the shots of what to do and in what order to do. He did the
> > overwhelming majority of regression fixes of dynticks/hrt stuff both
> > in -mm and in -rt. So why should i not take his queue over yours?
> > Last i checked your queue didnt really do anything substantial to
> > the code - other than shuffling around wast amounts of code around.
> > Even this latest iteration from Thomas that is now in -rt is working
> > well on the target platform we are aiming for currently (i686). (and
> > it's working on x86_64 as well in -rt)
> The majority of the new code was added yesterday in -rt8. [...]

please read what i wrote: in the first section above i am talking about
Thomas' -hrt tree and its track record. Thomas' tree is more than a year
old and has an excellent track record. In the last sentence i was
talking about this latest iteration of his -hrt tree, which i released
as part of -rt yesterday. (but which i have tested internally longer
than that, prior release.)

> Since this new release has a fair amount of new code it's not totally
> fair to says "it's been in -rt for a while".

Thomas' -hrt tree has been in -rt for over a year.

> If stability is a question, -rt10 does currently compile for my test
> config, due to this new HRT introduction. [...]

isnt your test config ARM? If it's x86 or x86_64 then please send me a
bugreport about it. rt10 wont compile on non-i686 and non-x86_64 because
their clockevents drivers have not been updated yet (but should be
trivial). In any case, this is an -rt internal matter that has no
relevance on the -mm submission, i'm not sure why you are bringing it

the -mm queue Thomas sent is for i686 - other architectures wont use
clockevents and they are expected to build and boot just fine.

> My queue has always been 90% clean up, some of that is moving code
> around. [...]

in the -rt tree i'm tracking the high-res code that has been started by
Thomas in mid-2005. In the past 1.5 years, 90%+ of the bugfixes to
high-res timers issues in -rt came from Thomas and this has been about
the 10th major iteration to his codebase. If you have cleanups to his
code then please work with Thomas to get your changes into his tree.

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