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SubjectRe: change strip_cache_size freeze the whole raid

> Justin Piszcz wrote:
>> Yes, I noticed this bug too, if you change it too many times or change it
>> at the 'wrong' time, it hangs up when you echo numbr >
>> /proc/stripe_cache_size.
>> Basically don't run it more than once and don't run it at the 'wrong'
>> time and it works. Not sure where the bug lies, but yeah I've seen that
>> on 3 different machines!
> Can you tell us when the "right" time is or maybe what the "wrong" time
> is? Also, is this kernel specific? Does it (increasing
> stripe_cache_size) work with RAID6 too?
> Thanks,
> Steve

I think if your /sys/block/md_your_raid6/md/ have a file
"stripe_cache_size", then it should works with raid6 too.


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