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SubjectRe: How to use an usb interface than is claimed by HID?
On Sun, 21 Jan 2007, Jiri Kosina wrote:

> > It's a tiny driver and it hardy can be a part of the mainline kernel
> > because of its useless for everyone but me, beside I don't want to
> > make someone modify the kernel code.
> Then, when this is a non-standard situation anyway, would calling
> hid_disconnect() for the usb_interface of your driver be enough?

.. which wouldn't help you either, supposing that you don't want to touch
the kernel sources at all, because this function is unexported and static.

So I think that there is no straightforward way, sorry.

Is this a device that doesn't exist anywhere else than on your table? I
still think that putting the code in kernel (if possible) and blacklisting
the device on the hid_blacklist[] is the simplest way.

The other possibility is writing the driver completely in userspace, using
libhid/hiddev. Would that suit your needs?

Jiri Kosina
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