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SubjectRe: How to use an usb interface than is claimed by HID?
Jiri Kosina wrote:
> Then, when this is a non-standard situation anyway, would calling
> hid_disconnect() for the usb_interface of your driver be enough?
I can't even imagine how to call this very function. Could you give me
an example? After all, this function and friends of its aren't
EXPORTED_SYMBOLs. Beside it's going to end up depending on the HID
driver, so the HID driver will have to be loaded all the time even if my
driver is loaded first and manages to claim the interfaces.

Sorry, I've absolutely forgotten to say that I'm talking about 2.4.x and
this function looks like:

static void hid_disconnect(struct usb_device *dev, void *ptr);

ptr is a pointer to the struct hid_device structure, which is created
and initialized in the probe function. Do you offer me to set up this
structure myself????

Thank you.

Ivan Ukhov.
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