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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Undo some of the pseudo-security madness
Samium Gromoff  wrote:
>the core of the problem are the cores which are customarily
>dumped by lisps during the environment generation (or modification) stage,
>and then mapped back, every time the environment is invoked.
>at the current step of evolution, those core files are not relocatable
>in certain natively compiling lisp systems.
>in an even smaller subset of them, these cores are placed after
>the shared libraries and the executable.
>which obviously breaks when the latter are placed unpredictably.
>(yes, i know, currently mmap_base() varies over a 1MB range, but who
>says it will last indefinitely -- probably one day these people
>from full-disclosure will prevail and it will become, like, 256MB ;-)
>so, what do you propose?

The obvious solution is: Don't make them setuid root.
Then this issue disappears.

If there is some strong reason why they need to be setuid root, then
you'll need to explain that reason and your requirements in more detail.
But, based on your explanation so far, I have serious doubts about
whether it is a good idea to make such core-dumps setuid root in the
first place.
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